This Is NQ

8 Weeks
Jolie Studio/ This is nq

This is NQ is a record label and talent management agency representing some of the biggest names in the UK rap and grime scene. We were approached to design their new headquarters in the north.

NQ House will operate as a workspace for the team and collaborators, be the home for the main NQ recording studio, house press lounges and also contain private talent studios and penthouse social space.

Working with Jolie Studios we designed and built spaces to inspire up-and-coming artists as well as established industry talent; to provide endless opportunity and smart discipline for these creative souls searching for a platform and a home to transform.

With the inspiration from moody art houses, evening lighting shows and rich oil aromas for the entrance experience – we created a fully immersive space with smoke projections, moving artwork and soft bass beats. Adding subtle nods to heritage and prestige, this feels premium and art-driven but still inclusive.


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